Free as a bird! The THEWALL® BIRD modular acoustic elements structure your rooms according to your wish: it creates space while separating at the same time.


The flexible modules enable you to completely redefine and reshape the functi-onality of your rooms in no time: in just a few minutes, a clerical office becomes a conference room, a meeting room your accounting department and your favourite place at home becomes your home office. THEWALL® BIRD, brings flexibility to a whole new level through the experience of inno- vative, sustainable room design.


Whether our surfaces are from Treetops or from Impact Acoustic (Archisonic felt), THEWALL® BIRD, is using sustainable material: Our wood comes only from sustainable forestry and the acoustic felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. Moreover, targeted lighting will help reduce your electricity consumption. And always with the aim to preserve our environment, surfaces can simply be replaced after they aged, bringing new life to, while preserving, the original construction. THEWALL® BIRD, is designed for long-lasting utility and time-lessness.

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